Line Dragon

Powered by 12 horsepower gasoline engines, the Line Dragon will easily maneuver over rebar grid, radiant heat lines, nelson studs, floor decking or other prepared surfaces. Weighing about 1,000 pounds means less weight per square inch of footprint than most manual laborers. The line dragon has two pieces, the ‘Placer’ is attached to the end of the delivery line and places concrete where you need it while the ‘Dragger’ is 20′ away keeping the excess line out of the pouring area.

32 Meter Boom Pump

fleet_icon1 Reach from front bumper: 95 feet

fleet_icon2 Outrigger spread: 19 feet

fleet_icon3 Output: 210 yards per hour

The smallest and also the most maneuverable truck in our line, the 32Z-Meter Putzmeister boom pump provides a compact footprint with no overhang.This machine has a Z boom design supplying a 90’ reach from the front bumper. With a 19’ outrigger spread, this truck pumps 210 yards of concrete per hour.

40 Meter Boom Pump

fleet_icon1 Reach from front bumper: 110 feet

fleet_icon2 Outrigger spread: 21 feet

fleet_icon3 Output: 210 yards per hour

Our 40-meter model is very similar to our 38 Meter offering just a little more reach. The outrigger spread measures 21’ in width and the pump output is rated at 210 yards/hr.

52 Meter Boom Pump

fleet_icon1 Reach from front bumper: 160 feet

fleet_icon2 Outrigger spread: 38 feet

fleet_icon3 Output: 210 yards per hour

The largest boom pump truck on our line, this 52-meter model offers a lot more reach than any other truck in our fleet.
The Multi-Z boom design and unique outriggers deploy easily for pumping in confined spaces and difficult to access structures. This truck offers all our customers the advantage of having a fleet to complete any project demands.

TB110 Conveyor

fleet_icon1 Reach from front bumper: 105 feet

fleet_icon2 Outrigger spread: 27 feet

fleet_icon3 Output: 360 yards per hour

This machine moves large amounts of concrete in a hurry. The unit can set up and operate under ceilings as low as 15’9”. It comes with two outrigger points: a 23’ footer on the front and a 27’ footer on the back. A variety of material can be run on this belt ranging from sand to rock to concrete. When you are finished with the belt, the leftover material can be run off it, eliminating waste. No priming for the belt is necessary.

38 Meter Boom Pump

fleet_icon1 Reach from front bumper: 100 feet

fleet_icon2 Outrigger spread: 21 feet

fleet_icon3 Output: 210 yards per hour

The 38-meter model has more of everything in comparison to the 32-meter. With a 100’ reach from the front bumper, this machine provides 20 more feet of gap-bridging capability than the 32. But this model demands a little more space with a 21’ outrigger spread. This machine also pumps 210 yards/hr of concrete.

Masterlink has added a 2015 38Meter Pump to its fleet! This pump has enough axles to roll into Michigan and Illinois due to weight laws. This truck is also our most maneuverable truck with a 5 section 38 Meter Boom!

47 Meter Boom Pump

fleet_icon1 Reach from front bumper:  115 feet

fleet_icon2 Outrigger spread: 30 feet

fleet_icon3 Output: 210 yards per hour

The most strategic large boom in our fleet, the 47Z-Meter Putzmeister offers exceptional advantages for the size and reach it offers. This truck has a small foot print but offers the advantage of a large boom. This was a great addition to our fleet in 2013.